#Buddy wanted (2)

Thom Lamers

A call for change. Tuesday we had an ad in the Financieel Dagblad, Wednesday the reactions came in. The most common: "You have forgotten one word in the title." I have to chuckle softly; a nice confirmation that people are actually reading. Maybe we should make (conscious) mistakes more often. Furthermore, the responses to our campaign are fantastic to read. From people who recognize or acknowledge the problem, to extensive stories about "accidental" encounters. Visibility seems to have increased.

Speaking of visibility, do you know that? That in a period in which you have driving lessons, you suddenly see teaching cars everywhere? Or that you suddenly see pregnant women everywhere when you are pregnant yourself? As is often the case with topics that you focus on, I suddenly saw the subject of "loneliness" everywhere. From an initiative of eight-year-old Benjamin to get lonely older people out of their isolation, to a website called "Never2BeAlone", founded by 20-year-old Demi, to bring young people and young adults into contact with each other.

In the train on the way home, where Halsey's song "alone" echoes through my ears, I think about my own interpretation. 

I decide to immediately order flowers for someone dear to me, with a note of how much I appreciate her (and at the same time I remember that I say that too little). I send some text messages, with the call that I am open for a conversation or a cup of coffee if someone needs it. In the evening I call my grandparents, who are especially surprised and ask if there is something wrong. "No, I'm just calling to ask how you are doing."'

I am well aware that my actions are not going to solve the bigger problem. But if everyone is now more open to each other, we would take a very good next step. I am proud to work for a company that can bring this topic, and many others, to the attention. Because together we can achieve so much more than alone.

Oh, and how's that lonely friend? She has now found a girlfriend.

Thom Lamers is an analyst at ftrprfHe wrote this article in a personal capacity for the theme Social Cohesion


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