What are you doing today?

"We cause serious climate change," Shell acknowledged in 1986. In 2017, Shell was the first oil company with an ambitious CO2 goal. We know from many conversations with Shell people and ex-Shellers that the time between one moment and the other is filled with enormous internal discussions about the conflict between the short-term and long-term interest. The difference between important and urgent (what a nice matrix Covey made about that).

There is a lot to say on this topic (just take a look at a few sources below, which provide enough material for discussion for the next 33 years). One of the ways to make "important" urgent is to make it part of the daily urgency. By putting it on the agenda every day. Giving the attention it deserves. We help organizations with our futurelab: a knowledge center run by brilliant analysts, smart strategists and artificial intelligence. We wrote a page about it today in the FD.

A few sources:

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