There's more searches for 'bitterballen' than for 'inclusion'

Fortunately, the interest in inclusion is increasing. Just like the interest for long-term unemployment and labor participation. Inclusion seems to be just as important as diversity. It looks like we are discussing a lot about it. And sometimes there is a need for something else. Action. Vigor.

Ineke came across our path in search of new colleagues. Her story touched us so much that we devoted a page in the FD to it today. The following speaks for itself. We wrote that text last Friday.

Another question came up this weekend. Suppose you apply five times every week for two years (and we have no doubt that Ineke did that), you will have been rejected 500 times in two years. Five hundred times. What does that do for a person's self-confidence? Especially when you know that it is almost hopeless? Ladies and gentlemen, psychologists: your reaction. And ladies and gentlemen employers and HR managers: shall we?

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