The next generation cán't do things beter

Brexit has huge consequences. Not only in the short term, but in the long term too. And the latter is the term of our youth. Two thirds of them voted against Brexit, but they were outvoted, mainly by older people. Is that right? Or is that what in the Netherlands is called 'over je graf regeren?' We get the same feeling about the decisions concerning the climate. Young people want stronger measurements. Which makes sense: they will have to deal with the consequences of today's policy.

We think the defamation of this generation ("look who't staling, them babies just return from their sabbatica, exiting an airplane, eating a hamburger ....) is a little nauseating. What's more: shouldn't they have a much bigger say in the decisions that are made about the future? Reason enough to use our ad space in FD to suggest inviting the next generation to the board table. To us, that seems like an extremely good thing to do for our future.