A plea for unequal treatment


We expanding too. We recently wrote an article to recruit new colleagues. We wrote "Because we believe to the core of our soul that inclusion is the way to go, you have an advantage if you are not a white man in his mid 50's wearing a blue suit. Immigrant, status holder, disabled person: this is it." The article was read tens of thousands of times.

Many men in suits responded. And argued that the Equal Treatment Act applies. Just the facts. Of all 228 directors at the ninety listed companies in the Netherlands, 13 are currently women. People with a migration background can look for higher positions with a flashlight. The introduction of the Participation Act makes it more difficult (yes, more difficult) for people with disabilities to work. So far for equal treatment law.

If we believe that inclusion and diversity is good for all of us, is it time then for data-based legislation? 23% Employees with a migration background, 50% women, 7% people with disabilities, and so on? It seems quite logical. Reason enough to dedicate a page in Het Financieele Dagblad.

Number of people with a migration background in the Netherlands:

Labor participation by migration background:


Effect of participation law:

Working population; disabled people: