Things can change

On an ordinary weekday in February, an ex-student enters your school and shoots 17 people. With a legally bought machine gun. What do you do? Emma González, David Hogg, Jaclyn Corin and Matt Deitsch, despite knowing better, decided to start the fight against the gun lobby. They mobilized 2 million people who decided to fight with them. 65 gun laws have already been amended and the next battle will be to persuade Congress to dramatically change things as well. With a whole generation behind them, they have high hopes that they will succeed. On November 20 Demond Tutu and Marc Dullaert rewarded them with the International Children's Peace Prize. Reason enough for us to dedicate a pagelong ad in FD to this subject. Because, just like Emma, David, Jacklyn and Matt, you too can make a huge difference. Things can change. Go for it.

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