We're in a hurry

A few days ago, when we were busy designing a page for the Financieele Dagblad, we naturally came across Fay. Which is not that surprising, since Fay is our leitmotiv. What we hadn't realized until then was that if we connected Fay to the Sustainable Development Goals we realized in 2030, the world would look completely different by then. Because 2030, that's such a long time from now. Right? In 2030, Fay will be 13. In 2030 she will be in, what is now called seventh of eighth grade (we assume that by that time the concept of school will have totally, totally changed). 2030 is 12 years from now. We're in a hurry.

In 2030, Fay will be 13. She will be in what we now call 'brugklas'(although we expect the concept of school to have completely, totally changed by then). 2030. That's in 12 years.

We're in a hurry. 181031FD

Today, October 31 2018, in "Financieele Dagblad"

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