Most changes come from outside

A few years ago, we knew for sure that the energy industry would remain dominated by a limited number of very large energy producers. We now know that, in a few years, the world of energy will have radically changed. This innovation is mainly generated from outside, by parties like Tesla. Airbnb is turning the travel industry upside down with a radically different business model. Wim Leerveld decided that the world wide access to medication really needed attention and with changed the policy of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. And there is a follow-up too. And Uber breaks all world records.

Innovation often seems to happen from outside. Initiated by existing organizations that are not interested in the traditional, common business model in their industry. For 'existing organizations' this leads to the question how they can still be innovative. With the perspective of choosing a different industry. What would it mean if Achmea switched to big data? Or if Google switched to insurances? Or if we, the readers of this message, would found a new bank together? Speaking of perspective....

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