What do we do?

Many organizations dream of being more relevant, more inclusive, more preferable. Almost everyone wants to do things differently, more diverse, more circular, more climate neutral. Many of those plans, however, are a little bit staid. You might say: boring. Ambitions are translated into spreadsheets, KPIs and milestones per Q, embedded in a context of sentence structures that give new meaning to the unfinished present tense. Read more here

Our world is changing at breakneck speed. We live longer, technology influences our lives, robots take over work, sustainable thinking breaks through, we interact differently: these are examples of changes that have a major impact on the way we live, work and interact.

This has significant consequences for the way organizations work. It impacts product development, market position, culture, structure, and purpose.

How do you assure that your organization is futureproof? We guide companies and NGOs to find their own relevance, to think about the difference they can make. We create perspectives on strategy, value, marketing, and organization. The methodology we use offers insights by creating choices and scenarios in several clearly defined phases. With one goal: enlarging the relevance of your organization.