Most changes come from outside


A few years ago it was one of the big certainties: the energy industry would persistently be dominated by a limited number of gigantic energy companies. We know now that the world of energy will look radically different in a few years. And this renewal is especially coming from the outside, with enterprises like Tesla for instance.

Airbnb is dramatically changing travel, with a radically different businessmodel. Wim Leereveld thought the worldwide access to medicine needed attention and with, he changed the policy of some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The next intiative is here too: Uber is breaking world records:

A lot of renewal seems to come ‘from the outside’. From new initiatives or existing organizations that do not have an interest in traditional, common revenue models in their sector. For ‘existing organizations’ this leads to the question how they can still be innovative. With the perspective that they can choose to be in a different sector. What would it mean when Aviva goes into big data? Or Google into insurance? What if we, the readers of this message, decide to start a bank together? When you’re looking for change, most likely you’ll find it outside. Talking about perspective…