Liliane Smit

Liliane has a rich work experience in sales & marketing and communication & sponsorship in both corporate and non-profit organizations. For 10 years she is self-employed and helps beautiful organizations in various projects from strategy to operation.

Furthermore, she runs two wonderful restaurants together with her partner. She loves good food and drink (evident...!) and she loves being in nature. Having completed her Mediation training, she now understands a little more about the complexity of mutual relationships (immensely interesting) and she understands even better how important communication is (especially the listening part).

Recently, she has picked up her childhood passion for horseback riding. She is introverted by nature but loves to be among people, she loves to build on tangible and visible results, and her driving force is connecting and trying new things (no matter how scary she finds it). She loves it when her work contributes a tiny bit to a more tolerant and greener world.